That busy 21st century


Soooo, as mentioned in my previous post, I’ve had a post cooking in my mind for a while now. And I was determined classification on sitting and writing it down the beginning of this month… but, as things happen, I’ve been busy. Exhaustingly so.

Then I got irritated because I felt like I was letting other things control too much of my time and not having some purposeful “me” time. I think we’ve all heard/read how this is a “produce more/be more” century… a bit selfish and egoistic.

But I heard a comment the other day which honestly made me stop on my tracks.
A friend said: we live in a society composed by people who are sad. My generation is a sad generation ouch This broke my heart while also throwing a bucket of cold water on me. I decided to change somehow. How could I have some me time? Better yet, purposeful time with God? How could I start shaking off the pressure to produce and be more? How could I get ride of this suffocating sensation that’s squeezing out my ability to feel pleasure in what I do?

I’m still figuring out the answers but one thing I did was read a book that’s helped me during my devotional time.

35755924You know the drill. Somebody asks, "How are you?" and you respond automatically: "Crazy busy!" "I'm exhausted!" "Running too fast."

And it's no wonder! Between the breakneck speed of your job, the one million family activities on the calendar, the volunteer luncheon you signed up to host, the growing to-do list on your phone, and the workout you've been meaning to get to for weeks--if you ever stopped long enough to think about it, you'd be curled up in the fetal position on the floor.

Life these days. It's exhausting, isn't it?

Ellen Miller gets it--and she wrote Spread Too Thin just for you. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, you don't have to live it frantically. Written for women who care deeply and extend themselves selflessly, this 90-day devotional offers an honest look at the obligations that have drained us and then point us toward a more abundant life with Jesus. Through personal stories, practical insights, and classic Ellen humor, you'll discover that it is possible to find hope--and even peace!--throughout your harried, overcommitted days.

Each devotional starts with a quote and ends with scripture and a few questions. Written with sincerity, Ellen Miller slowly and purposefully writes to help us bring down the wall tightening around our hearts and point us back to the Fountain overflowing with grace, love and hope.



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