Summer reads

Summer and all its glory is here and that means vacation. Which might mean traveling. Consequently, packing and therefore BOOKS!

In any case, summer means more free time which obviously screams for that TBR pile to be built up and tackled. As see it as my duty to do so 😉

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Adventures through the Natchez trace

Sometimes I just need a book to keep me company and help me get through the week.
If you are wondering how to get by a busy week or are just searching for the next read, I want to tell you about a new released book with a bit of everything – action, romance and heartfelt moments. And, considering it’s a historical fiction, it’ll help you escape to a new world for a few minutes (or hours) a day 🙂

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Into the Wild

Lately I’ve been deeply diving into environmental texts, from research articles to classics written by Thoreau, Wendell Berry, John Muir… they’ve been important in my professional walk as well as my faith walk.

Nature has always had a dear spot in my heart and lately it’s becoming an area of/tool for ministry. It’s exciting to find something you are so passionate about but it has also been challenging as I come more face-to-face with one of the broken sides of the world we live in. Continue reading “Into the Wild”

In summer

Summer is right around the corner and I’m super excited with this weather that’s finally warming up, the beautiful flowers, and quality family time and madness.

I have been reflecting a lot about community lately, this blessed opportunity to live together. Not that it is easy or perfect, but it’s satisfying, a gift from the Creator who is a Trinity.

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Unless someone cares an awful lot – part 2

Grieving is universal. We can all relate to this feeling be it because we have lost a dear one or because circumstances have made us feel like someone is lost to us. The aftermath is not pretty when you’re trying to put the pieces back together and there are too many questions to count going through your mind.

This is a dark alley to walk through and I applaud these two authors because they tackle difficult stories by pointing to the grace always constant during our worst moments.
I get teary when thinking of these stories. They are powerful and haunting and have greatly impacted me. I couldn’t recommend them enough. They remind me of an unfailing love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

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