Welcome 2018

Oh, the start of a new year.

Filled with its possibilities and dreams. Time to recharge, rethink or perspective and hope. Time to look back, learn and give thanks, and decide on what should we firm our steps.

This new year also started with the release of some exciting books! So, in both celebration of this and the arrival of 2018, I’m going to post quotes from each book to inspire us to start this year well 🙂

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A Year in Books – part 1

In the beginning of the year, I set a goal on Goodreads to read 75 books. I knew it would be a veery busy year for me but reading is very important to me personally since a well-written story will always help me reflect on some points. Also, this year was special because I got to go over some of my favourites with my best friend for the first time!

I’ve shared some of these books in past posts and they are all reviewed on Goodreads. Therefore the purpose of this post is just to let the cover/name of the book/author capture your attention by themselves other than adding a bunch of individual links. What I adore about this idea is that I get to share “old” books and not only books that came out this year as usual.

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Winter chills

You know those books that give chills and keep you on the edge of your seat? It’s not much that they’re scary; rather, their gothic edge adds a haunted feel and the somewhat poetic writing sharply appeals to our senses, completely lacing us to the story.

Yep, from classics such as Jane Eyre and Rebecca, I do enjoy these plots full of torments and mystery, sometimes pointing to supposedly supernatural events, only to then have them explained. In my opinion, the writing shines so strongly in these books, through vivid descriptions that make us readers feel alongside the characters as well as “simple” unveiling of secrets and hidden treasures.

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When history is brought to life…

You guys, I just have to shamelessly fan girl tell you about Elizabeth Camden’s new book! Seriously, history lovers will be blown away by her craft style!

The thing about her books is that everything is intrinsic. There’s nothing there “by chance” and, at the end, I’m left stupefied by what I just read. Because to read one of her books is to truly travel in time and experience things so thoroughly that you almost believe you are one of the characters. The emotions jump out of the pages to completely enrapture you.

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Thoughts in October…


images“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I adore Octobers. Truly. Because no matter where you are there is something special, be it apple ciders in the Northern Hemisphere or flowers blossoming in the Southern Hemisphere. My heart just skips a beat for the excitement coming ahead!

But this time, something just felt… off. I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was – probably a collection of a bunch of things that have been weighing my heart. I was telling my best friend this the other day and she suggested I should listen to “Build my Life” by Housefires.

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Summer Reading

For the month of June, I have decided to chose a few that have been released/will release in summer to help you build up your summer TBR pile 🙂

Stay tuned in July for my Middle of the Year Retrospective – when I will talk more about books that have already been released!

Cheers and Happy Readings!

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