Daughters of Northern Shores #review #mustread

Let me tell you a story. Two years ago my heart would beckon any book set in a farm, even if said location didn't play a big role in the story per si. But oh when an author did bring the importance of place into her story <3And, even more, the importance of land! Be… Continue reading Daughters of Northern Shores #review #mustread


First Line Fridays

Today's chosen book probably has one of my favorite first line ever <3I think it sets the perfect tone for the book: unexpected circumstances, a bit of comedy, and much much heart! "Miriam Bricks sat in the cramped and rancid interior of a rickety stagecoach and contemplated for the hundredth time how fortunate she was… Continue reading First Line Fridays


One Thing I Know

So, if you're around GoodReads and, I guess, even Facebook, you might have seen some buzz around this book. I'm here to share my honest opinion about it, but also invite you to figure out for yourself. Nevertheless, keep in mind not everybody likes the same kind of books. And that's okay. Actually, I think… Continue reading One Thing I Know